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Representatives & Distributors

Some of the fine companies we represent are listed below.

Pressure Pumps, Instrumentation

Pressure Gauges, Auto-Ranging Gauges

Signal Conditioning Devices

Portable Gas Detection

Gas Detection

Level Monitoriing

Gas and Flame Detectors

Optical Flame Detectors, Open Path Gas Detectors,
Detection & Suppression Systems

Power Quality Anayzers, Megohmeters, Earth/Ground Resistance Testers, Clamp-on CT’s for AC and DC

Displacement, Turbine, and Magnetic Flowmeters

Lightning and Surge Protection

Level & Flow Instrumentation

Panel Meters, Wirless Solutions

Flow Monitors, Counters, Timers, PLC Peripherals and MMI Software

Water quality instrumentation

Flow Meters

Submersible Depth & Pressure Transmitters

Circular Chart Recorders, PID Controllers

Process Calibration Equipment

Data Recorders, Remote Recorders, Water Level Trackers,
Wireless Water Infrastructure Monitoring